Asst. Manager - Purchase

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Position Asst. Manager - Purchase
Responsible for:
  1. Timely procurement, within budgets, achieving Quality and Safety standards
  2. Responsible for Project costs for bought-out items
  3. Maintaining POs, WOs, Contracts templates, terms and conditions current
  4. Contracts management, documentation, connected Tax and legal issues
  5. Maintaining updated data base on construction materials
  6. Maintaining updated data base on contractors, suppliers, vendors
  7. Maintaining a pre-qualified / preferred list, and related processes, due diligences
  8. Tender process
  9. Technical and financial evaluations, bid analysis
  10. Negotiations and finalisation of procurement items / services
  11. Contractor finalization, procurement and vendors management
  12. Issuing POs, WOs, Contracts to vendors / contractors
  13. Monitoring and confirming variations, overall variations management and documentation
  14. Monitoring trends and developments in the industry, materials, practices, rates
  15. Plan and recruit operational staff, and maintain appropriate skill levels to implement the objectives of the business
  16. Any other function as and when assigne

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